Calendar of Events for The Oaks Golf Club

Hayfield, MN

Mens League will begin April 24th and run Monday Evenings through August 28th (no 5/29 or 7/3).
Ladies League will begin May 23rd and run every Tuesday Evening till August 29th (no 7/4).

Thurs. April 6th- Hayfield High School Golf Meet

Fri. April 21st - Hayfield High School JV Meet

Tue. May 2nd - Hayfield High School Meet

Thurs. May 4th - Hayfield High School Golf Meet

Sat. June 10th - Hayfield Fire Department Golf Event - 10:00 Shotgun

Fri. June 23rd - Viking Pride Golf Fundraiser Event - 10:00 Shotgun

Sat. July 8th - Dick Koski Memorial Golf Tournament - 10:00 Shotgun

Wed. July 19th - Dodge County Golf Group

Fri. July 28th - Christ the King Golf Event - 12:00 Shotgun

Sat./Sun. July 29th & 30th - Men's/Womens/Junior Club Championship

Fri. Aug. 4th - Seth Pack Golf Classic - 10:00 Shotgun

Monday, August 7th - Hormel Golf Group - 9:00 Shotgun

Thurs. - Sat. Aug. 10th - 12th Macy Jo Invitational Golf Tournament

Fri. August 18th - Corn & Soybean Growers Association Golf Event

Sat. Aug. 26th - Oaks GC Heritage Golf Classic - 10:00 Shotgun

Thu. Sept. 7th - Hayfield HS Cross Country Meet

Course closes completely to all golf at 3:00. Range will be closed this day.

Aerification of Greens

Monday/Tuesday Sept. 11th & 12th.

Sat. September 23rd - Hayfield Baseball/Basketball Alumni Golf Event

9:30 Shotgun Event. Course will be closed till approximately. 4:00.

Oaks Ryder Cup - Sat. & Sun. October 7th & 8th.

Course will be closed for a great portion of the day for this event, depending on size of field.

Sunday, Oct. 15th - Cross Country Golf Event

10:00 Shotgun Start